Update your contact centre with AI Agent

Meet the AI Agent, capable of engaging in extended 10-60 minute phone conversations that mimic genuine human interactions. With an unlimited memory, flawless recollection, and the ability to independently perform tasks across over 10,000 applications, it can effortlessly handle the workload of a dedicated full-time agent, all without the need for training, supervision, or motivation. It operates seamlessly 24/7/365.

Application areas where our products are used by clients :

Problem faced by our clients

Challenges of Traditional Call Centers


Inefficiency and low productivity and capability of human sales representatives.


High costs associated with hiring, training and employing sales staff, and managing logistics.


Difficulty in maintaining consistent quality in interactions with prospects.


Limitations in terms of sales representatives spoken languages, availability and working hours.

Product Features

Speech-to-Speech Al

AlOnPhone is built on advanced speech-to-speech algorithms that generate natural, engaging conversations. It's trained on millions of real-world telephone interactions in sales and support, given to use by our call center partners.

Human-like Voice Synthesis

We use state-of-the-art voice synthesis that mimics the nuances and tones of a human voice, making interactions more engaging and authentic.

Inbound and Outbound Calls

Our robust technology supports both inbound and outbound calls, enabling seamless integration into existing telecommunication systems.


Language does not know any boundaries, so AlOnPhone is available in 125 languages.

Autonomous Deal Handling

AlOnPhone doesn't just mimic human conversation. It's smart and autonomous, capable of intelligently and securely handling deals, all while gathering essential data for transactions.

Data & API Integration

Leveraging cutomised data integration, our system is equipped to gather crucial information that helps it understand context, further refining its interaction capabilities.

Long Conversation

Autonomous AI call for making/receiving 10-60 minute long phone calls powered on NVIDIA GPU.


Scalable to make/receive millions of phone call & AI conversation without human involvement.

Trustworthy AI

LLMs, such as GPT-3/4/variants, are remarkably fluent, but they are often erroneous and prone to hallucinations. Uses semantic parser & customized technology to tame LLMs into robust, trustworthy, and effective.


Leverages NVIDIA SDK & GPU to work reliably and real time 24/7/365.