What our solution
enables in nutshell


Without Interruption, AI is capable of processing end-to end sales with transaction/payment over phone call anonymously.

Customer Support

To fix the trouble/issue, AI with backend integration, resolve customer queries.

Call Feedback

All discussion with customers is stored in database, analysed and major key takeaway is automatically generated.

CRM Integration

Integrated with existing CRM.

Action Execution

AI is capable of executing application across 50,000 applications without flaw.

Full Autonomy

System is fully autonomous, does need human.

Call Recording

All communication is recorded for feedback with few exceptions.

Fully Customizable

Every part of system design is API based, thus fully customisable.

Dealing With Resistance

AI can handle any question smartly.

Multiple Languages

Support +125 languages.


AI could speak in multiple voices with human tone & emotion.

Limitless Scale

Easily scalable to serve millions of customers.